Brag Boxes Frank Ruehlicke describes how Brag Boxes can boost interest and interaction at micro mineral gatherings

Other Groups And Their Events

The CMMA holds its annual Spring Symposium the first weekend in May in the Niagara region of Ontario near Buffalo NY. The CMMA also holds a one day get-together the second Saturday of November in Burlington, Ontario. We invite all micromineral enthusiasts to join us! We also encourage micromineral collectors to attend events held by other groups.

Micromineral Organizations

North America

Mineralogical Society of Southern California host the Pacific Micromineral Conference in late January

Tucson Gem & Mineral Society host the Art Roe Memorial Micromount Symposium on the Friday of the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (the main show)

Leidy Microscopical Society host the Leidy Symposium in early March near Philadelphia

Micromounters Of New England host the Gene Bearss Memorial Micromounter’s Symposium in late April near Boston.

Northern California Mineralogical Association host the NCMA Symposium in late May or early June east of Sacramento

Micromineralogists Of The National Capital Area host the Atlantic Micromounters Conference in early June

Central U.S. Micro Mineral Symposium is hosted by micro mineral enthusiasts, rather than a club, and alternates being hosted near Little Rock Arkansas and Kentucky. The 2024 event will be in Kentucky and is planned for July/August.

Baltimore Mineral Society hosts the Desautels Micromount Symposium in early October

Tellus Museum hosts the Tellus Micromineral Symposium in early November near Atlanta

Cleveland Museum of Natural History Micromineral Society hosts an annual symposium in early November

Earth Science Organizations

Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies The CMMA is a member organization of the CCFMS. Check out their site for information on the mineral collecting hobby in Central Canada

Friends of Mineralogy Is a U.S. organization with several regional chapters of members with a love of minerals

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies is an umbrella organization representing regional federations which are comprised of local clubs related to the earth sciences.

Mineralogical Association of Canada is a non-profit science organization that promotes mineralogy. Publishes the “Canadian Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology” (formerly the Canadian Mineralogist) and other publications.

Mineralogical Society of America is a non-profit science organization that promotes mineralogy. Publishes “American Mineralogist” and other publications.

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